• In order to maintain discipline, the cooperation of parents in helping us implement policies and rules is imperative.
  • For classes 3-5 warning slips will be issued under the following categories:        
Yellow Slip 1 point Offences like coming late, wrong uniform and not doing homework etc…..in routine
Red Slip 2 points Behaviour problems like fighting, using abusive language, cheating, stealing and damaging school property.
  • 5 points result in detention for one week, during the long break. In case of absence the student will have to make up the detention in the following week.

Disciplinary Committee

  • Principal
  • Administrator
  • Counsellor
  • Coordinator

Purpose and Objectives

Positive Reinforcement

  1.  Create a positive school climate by teaching and reinforcing mutually respectful behavior and responding to inappropriate behaviour
  2.  Develop proactive discipline programs such as:
  1. alternatives to suspension
  2. peer mediation
  3. anti-bullying
  4. responsive classroom and other curriculum based programs
  5. Review the school discipline policy, school rules and the work of the discipline team and make changes according to the needs of the students, the school and the community

Staff Development

  1. Assist teachers in managing students with serious behaviour problems
  2.  Develop resource materials and programmes relating to student discipline for teachers’ reference
  3. Assist in running staff development programmes to strengthen teachers’ skills in managing students’ misbehaviour

Parent Education

  1. To find creative ways to educate parents about prevention programs, discipline code expectations, and how parents can get involved in their child’s education.
  2. To refer students wherever necessary, for  counselling, therapy or testing  for follow-up work

Disciplinary Action

In the rare case of severely disruptive behaviour that is frequent or serious enough to significantly disrupt the learning climate of the school, endanger the well-being of others, or damage school property, a child may be suspended or asked to leave.

Disciplinary action may include:

  • detention during school hours
  • suspension from school for a minimum of two days up to a maximum of five (5) days
  • recommendation with respect to counselling followed up with a progress report
  • a written conduct and behaviour warning issued. A signed copy of acknowledgement will be kept on record.
  • payment to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged, lost or stolen item

Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. The basic rule is that no-one may disrupt school life
  2. The culture and traditions of the school should be upheld at all times
  3. Discipline is important. Self-discipline is preferred, but if anyone is incapable thereof, the school must provide the necessary procedures to enforce discipline
  4. Respect must be shown for the needs and interests of others. Communication is essential. This will ensure the necessary dissemination of information and make for harmonious relationships
  5. It is the collective responsibility of all to ensure that all school facilities are adequately and properly cared for
  6. No form of intimidation, political or otherwise is allowed 
  7. No one has the right at any time to behave in a manner that will disrupt learning or will cause physical or emotional harm to the others.
  8. In case of any inaccuracy or discrepancy in the data provided to the school, your child will be required to leave Lahore Grammar School
  9. Parent’s/ guardian’s inappropriate behaviour, use of foul language or other forms of aggression on campus, may lead to suspension or further action
  10. All are expected to abide by the school rules with regard to appearance and behaviour when representing the school both during school hours and after school hours, at school and away from school. They may not say or do anything that will discredit themselves or the school
  11. Audio and video voyeurism is prohibited

Parents’ Obligations 

  1. Support and encourage their children in their involvement in all walks of school life
  2. Ensure that students attend school regularly, that they are correctly dressed, are properly equipped, and are punctual
  3. Support the school, the staff, the code of conduct and school rules, and ensure that their children do likewise
  4. Not to indulge in hearsay, slander and propaganda on social media and approach the school directly for any clarification
  5. Inform the school of any problem areas and communicate with individual teachers where this is necessary or desirable
  6. Pay school fee on time
  7. Pick up their children on time after school
  8. Attend official school functions such as PTA meetings

Students’ Obligation

  1. Live the school spirit and follow all rules and regulations
  2. Appreciate that negative behaviour has its consequences and that good behaviour shapes the school culture
  3. Actively engage in class and school activities
  4. Report all forms of bullying, vandalism, and other abusive acts to a trusted member of staff
  5. Not to damage school property or litter
  6. Never cheat or lie