In case of any inaccuracy or discrepancy in the data provided by you to the school, your child will be required to leave Lahore Grammar School.

  •      Parent’s/ guardian’s inappropriate behavior, use of foul language or other forms of aggression on campus, may lead to suspension or further action.
  • The safety and security of all students is our prime concern. However the school is not liable for any accidents/ injuries sustained on campus.
  • It is strongly advised that we are taken on board in cases of trauma, stress and changes in behavioral patterns of the child. The administration/staff/counselor may be freely and readily approached by the students or parents, for any social or emotional assistance.
  • All school rules and regulations must be followed.
  • ID cards must be produced, daily, at pick-up time.
  • Parents must check the school LMS daily, for homework/notices.
  • All the child’s belongings like lunch box, flask and sweater must be clearly labelled.
  • The health form must be duly filled and returned to the school nurse. Please understand the importance of sharing your child’s health issues (if any) with the school. 
  • Please make sure that you have submitted the correct and current data for prompt and effective communication from the school. Save the official sms number on your sim for prompt notifications. This number will only be used for outgoing sms service. 
  • Children will not be allowed to enter the school gates after 07:30 am
  • Keeping your child’s safety in mind and to avoid accidents, classes I- III must carry the LGS school bag only.
  • The school uniform is to be followed strictly.
  • Feel free to take an appointment with the teaching staff or administration to discuss any issues regarding your child. Walk-in meetings with teachers are not allowed.


  • On school nights make sure that your child has packed his/her books and stationery properly and goes to bed early.
  • We strongly advise all parents to share the responsibility in ensuring that the children are NOT carrying heavy school bags. Please help your child pack the bag according to the time table –available on our website.
  • Please seat your child on the side the school gate is on, along with the school bag. The traffic flow is interrupted by walking around the car and opening boots for bags.
  • Do not allow children unsupervised internet access.
  • Please observe the rules and formalities when writing an application for your daughter. Scraps of paper with incomplete information will not be entertained. The application must be on a proper paper, appropriately addressed and dated, clearly stating the child’s full name, class and section. For your assistance, a formatted application form is available at the front desk.
  • Supervise personal hygiene with special emphasis on clean, lice free hair.