Academic Policy

At the end of every quarter, each student’s progress is monitored closely by the Principal, Counselor, Coordinators and Teachers. A few students, for various reasons, are not able to maintain passing grades in most subjects.

We share a letter of advice and caution with the parents of such students, seeking their support and involvement in supervising homework and setting up a healthy routine at home, conducive to a better performance.

We keep a vigilant eye on the academic growth and progress of every student. Our goal is to help each student do her best and any such decision is taken after careful deliberation for each student, thoroughly and professionally. We are well aware that grades are not the only criterion to measure a child’s worth but in some cases we are just not equipped to enable the child further.

However, if a student does not show promise and improvement in meeting the required attainment targets by the end of the academic year, she may be:

Accommodated / Conditionally Promoted – the student is bound to maintain a minimum of C grades in all the main subjects for promotion into the next class.

Detained – the student is not capable of handling the next level of learning unless the existing gaps are filled, is underage and struggling to meet the learning objectives or was already Conditionally Promoted.

Asked to leave – the student has already been detained/ promoted conditionally and is still unable to meet the minimum attainment targets.

Each measure is taken for the child’s betterment after careful thought, fair warnings and meetings with parents.

The Principal, Counselor, Coordinators and teachers are always available by appointment and via email.

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