Reading Book list

As you know this year we have been placing a great deal of emphasis on our reading and literacy program. Literacy was once known simply as the ability to read and write. Today it is about being able to make sense of and engage in advanced reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is common to believe that literacy instruction solely affects English and Urdu classes. On the contrary, it will affect your child’s progress in science, social studies, and math to name just a few subjects.

As part of the homework this year, students are also required to fill out reading logs. While we are teaching the skills at school, progress is directly impacted by how much they are practicing these skills. The reading logs are a means of 1) practicing these skills and 2) creating the habit of reading.

Reading practice:

• Improves vocabulary
• Improves writing
• Improves overall performance in school
• Improves thinking skills (cause & effect, logic)
• Builds IQ
• Improves language skills
• Helps children grasp variances of phonics better (pronunciation & accent)
• Increases attention span
• Builds confidence
• Helps in character & empathy building