We strongly believe in the core values of respect and good manners. We expect our students to observe these values and their parents to reinforce them.

However, we will not be able to accomplish this task without your support. Together we must learn to regard decency and decorum in all situations. We must indulge in solving issues and not creating them.

Our gatekeeper and front office staff is here to serve and facilitate you as well as maintain discipline and security by enforcing the school rules and regulations. Unfortunately, we have had incidents of inappropriate behaviour by some parents who in the heat of the moment forget that their aggression seriously affects not just their own child but all other students and parents in waiting and at the same time poses a security risk.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that a parent’s/ guardian’s inappropriate behaviour, use of foul language, threats or other forms of aggression may lead to suspension of the student or further action. Also, please be informed that filming on or around school premises is highly prohibited.

Looking forward to your cooperation in becoming a tolerant, disciplined and courteous nation.

Wellness and Wellbeing

  1. Our campus is equipped with a sick room.  Our nurse is there to provide first aid and for any emergencies that may happen at school.
  2. Please note that she is not there to take care of students who arrive to school already sick as then she is not able to give full attention or follow up in the case of true emergencies.
  3. You must keep your child home when already unwell. If your child has fever, has been vomiting or has diarrhea from the night before DO NOT send to school. Students sent to school in such condition, including chicken pox are at high risk of a secondary infection and the entire class is exposed to their illness.
  4.  Students who arrive to school already sick will be sent back home.
  5. A medical certificate is needed for more than 2 days of sick leave.
  6. The school health form must be kept updated. If your child has or develops any medical condition please inform us immediately in writing, clearly stating the name class and section of your child.
  7. In cases such as epilepsy, diabetes etcetera, we need specific instructions for the school by a specialist. Please note, parents who are doctors may not diagnose their own child. We need the diagnosis and instructions from a third-party doctor.
  8. You are strongly urged not keep your child’s medical condition from the school in any pretext.
  9. In case of a medical emergency you will be contacted immediately to follow up. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we have your current and active contact numbers.
  10. Lastly, please remember health is not just physical.  Mental health is not always visible but it is extremely important. If there is any upset in your child’s life, from an illness in the family, death, separation from a parent, or any other major change, please let us or the school counselor  know. 


  1. In case of any inaccuracy or discrepancy in the data provided by you to the school, your child will be required to leave Lahore Grammar School.
  2. Parent’s/ guardian’s inappropriate behaviour, use of foul language or other forms of aggression on campus, may lead to suspension or further action.
  3. The safety and security of all students is our prime concern. However the school is not liable for any accidents/ injuries sustained on campus.
  4. It is strongly advised that we are taken on board in cases of trauma, stress and changes in behavioral patterns of the child. The administration/staff/counsellor may be freely and readily approached by the students or parents, for any social or emotional assistance.
  5. All school rules and regulations must be followed.
  6. You must have your child’s security card to swipe at home time for pick up. A gate pass may only be issued thrice in a quarter after which you will have to pay a fine to issue a gate pass.
  7. Parents must check the Communication Book and LMS daily, for homework/notices.
  8. All the child’s belongings like lunch box, flask and sweater must be clearly labelled.
  9. The health form must be duly filled and returned to the school nurse. Please understand the importance of sharing your child’s health issues (if any) with the school. 
  10. Please make sure that you have submitted the correct and current data for prompt and effective communication from the school. Save the official sms number on your sim for prompt notifications. This number will only be used for outgoing sms service. 
  11. Children will not be allowed to enter the school once gates are closed.
  12. Keeping your child’s safety in mind and to avoid accidents, classes I- III must carry the LGS school bag only.
  13. The school uniform is to be followed strictly. Hair accessories for girls can only be blue, black or white. No gold jewellery is allowed in school.
  14. Supervise personal hygiene with special emphasis on clean, lice free hair. We have a zero tolerance policy for lice. Any child with lice will be sent home.
  15. Please make sure that you have submitted the correct and current data for prompt and effective communication from the school. Save the official sms number on your sim for prompt notifications from the school.
  16. Homework will be assigned on LMS. You may share your child’s password to log in and sync the app on your smart device for important notifications. All new admissions will be issued their passwords within the first working week.
  17. No packages, books or bags will be received at the gate to be delivered to the students during school hours.
  18. Birthdays may only be celebrated in school by sharing candy. No cakes or goody bags. However, we welcome you to donate that same amount towards our birthday charity fund for Edhi Home.
  19. For any questions or comments regarding academics please email at
  20.  You can contact the principal at